If you’re a spiritual person hungry for that spiritual awakening that will take your divine connection to the next level, and are tired of “life” getting in the way then this is a very special invitation for YOU to join some of the most highly evolved spiritual practitioners on the planet for...

3 Days of Incredible Spiritual

Where you’ll discover how to harness your spiritual power
so that you can lead a happier, richer, more successful life.

Your Spiritual Evolution and Ascension to High Level Psychic and Lightworker
Date: Monday, February 1, 2016

Dear Spiritual Friend,

Picture this... you’ve been meditating, saying your mantras and affirmations, chanting, visualising, practising your mudras and your asanas. You KNOW it’s possible to connect with the higher spiritual realms, and to experience those spiritual bliss states, and even become psychic. Maybe you’ve even experienced it before…

Yet to your frustration and despite your determination and
commitment, you just can’t seem to make that deeper connection.
It fades and dwindles leaving you feeling alone and stranded
in the desert of the “real”

You feel it like a pull, or a tingling deep within you, like an inner knowing but you can't quite grasp it. You’ve heard it but only as a whisper on the breeze, but can't quite tune in to the message beneath the babble. Maybe you’ve seen dim flashes or glimpses that simply vanish when you turn to look. Maybe you’ve experienced that deeply blissful state, where your heart is fully open and you feel a complete connection, yet you can’t seem to get it back again or experience it in any kind of on-going way in your daily life.

Can you relate to this?

You have meditated and meditated and meditated and yet you just can’t seem to silence your mind and even though you feel less stressed you still can’t have the spiritual experience you crave.




You have experienced deep spiritual states, and perhaps you have communicated with highly evolved spiritual beings, yet you can’t seem to get the solutions to your everyday life’s problems.
You’re at a crossroads and would love to know what the right choice is. Are you in the right job? Are you in the right relationship? Are you living in the right location? Will things change?
You wish you had more self-confidence. You struggle with work, relationships or health issues. Your life feels out of control, you struggle to be heard.
People treat you badly and you know you don’t deserve it. You worry that your past karma could be causing problems but you don’t know what it is or how to break free of what seems like a life (or death) sentence.
You would love to be finally free of painful emotions from your past such as hurt, fears, guilt, bitterness, or anger. These stop you moving forward, speaking up for yourself or seeing a bright future, and you’re finally ready to change.
You know you have self-limiting beliefs that plague you like a virus, yet years of saying affirmations have been powerless to shift or change them.
You know you are a highly awakened being – yet for some reason life is still a struggle.
You’ve tried lots of spiritual development in the past, but something is still missing, you still crave that special magic ingredient.
Maybe you’ve been told you’re highly psychic and could do it professionally but just don’t know where to start or don’t feel quite confident enough to go for it.
Perhaps you scare yourself with your spiritual experiences. You have or fear ghosts, entities or spirits bother you or create problems in your life. Things get lost and turn up in strange places.
You would love to have real spiritual powers or even be psychic, so that you could see auras, predict the future, become clairvoyant, and access knowledge that would astonish and astound others.
You are deeply concerned about the state of the world and the energy changes that are going on, but feel powerless to help anyone, including yourself.
You crave a deep, on-demand spiritual connection so you can get the answers to any problem any time.

Bottom line is that you are frustrated by life and starting to wonder if being spiritual isn’t all it’s cracked up to be...

The simple fact is, it’s one thing to have a spiritual experience, and it’s quite another to tap into the true spiritual power at your fingertips so that can change the world and reality you live in, solve problems and bring healing.

It’s this that has many spiritual schools fail their students time and again.

This is what I call Spiritual Blindness. We focus so much on spiritual experiences, and spiritual abilities, that we sometimes forget WHY we are even doing it.

Truth is - real spiritual power gives you the tools to CHANGE life, not to escape it.

                          spiritual powerFor thousands of years we’ve been taught to use spiritual bliss states to ESCAPE unpleasant circumstances. We’ve been told that if meditate enough now we will achieve nirvana later.

But what if I told you there was another way?!

As a deeply spiritual person you probably want to spread love and healing throughout the world. You’d like to leave a legacy that changes the world for the better. But meditating your way OUT of the world isn’t the way.

Imagine having spiritual power at your fingertips that could create CHANGE in the world. Real physical change, as opposed to just feeling better and positive thinking to hope it will go away.

What if you had true spiritual power that could create things that would be labelled as miracles?
Right now here on earth.

I'm talking about powers and abilities that other people can witness, and that will make them stare with their mouths open in disbelief...

Like RADICAL HEALING that takes place almost instantly. How you can use Spiritual energy for healing yourself, others and even your animal friends.
TELEPATHY – so you can send messages across the globe, even TO the globe and every person on it?
Using CLAIRVOYANCE to make decisions and move forward powerfully with clarity and a deep inner knowing (and inner peace)
Having Spiritual powers that enable you to ENTER THE QUANTUM FIELD and be a deliberate creator of your reality. And use these skills for manifesting.
Being able to BEND TIME so you can send messages back to yourself, and see the future ahead of you.
Having MEDICAL INTUITIVE ABILITIES like seeing auras and energy fields so you can diagnose any disturbance, often before it appears in the physical body. Imagine seeing the streams of energy running around and through someone’s body and to know exactly where there are blockages or congestion.
REMOTE VIEWING so that you can check in with your family even when you can’t be there in person.

Heal the planet, your family and friends
and make the world a better place.

Being a Spiritual Practitioner not only gives you the tools to change your life, it gives you the understanding to use them to their greatest potential. At last you can truly feel in control of your life.

It’s your time to become a Spiritual Master!

My Shocking Story…
From Sexual Slavery to Spiritual Freedom

                                  Lisa TurnerI've been psychic now since 1995. The thing that might surprise you to know is that I wasn’t born with a gift, nor am I the seventh child of a seventh child. I’m actually the child of an engineer and a business woman!

My spiritual powers came to me as a result of some extraordinary life experiences that led me to the search.

I suppose the story begins when I was 12. I was groomed, seduced and manipulated into an abusive behaviour with my music teacher, 14 years older than me. He moved me away from my family and home in Australia to live with him when I was 15 and it was another 5 years before I could escape.

Kept as a house prisoner for five years I was subjected to extremes of psychological, sexual, and emotional abuse. In the end my psyche was in tatters.

Somehow I managed to escape. I could barely function. Everyday activities were a major trauma. The only way I coped was to shut down emotionally. I lived from my logical, left brain.

I became a scientist and engineer, and not a bad one either. I achieved a PhD in Aero-acoustics (that’s noisy fans to you and me) my specialism was mathematical modelling. I lived from my logical mind.

However I couldn’t escape my past by ignoring it. I was plagued by flashbacks, and had no confidence.

I started a quest to recover. And in the course of my searching I stumbled on something extraordinary.

A spiritual awakening!

I started, seeing spirits, and ghosts, predicting the future, weird coincidences, and more. I noticed a co-worker was ill long before he had any symptoms, and even knew that someone was dying even before they did.

It was extraordinary, tremendously exciting, but my life was still full of problems. I still had flashbacks, relationships were challenging, I was still wracked by emotional pain that no amount of meditating seemed to truly solve.

It was so frustrating to know that true spiritual power was so close, but constantly seemed to elude me, leaving me suffering from all the problems listed above.

Instead of feeling like I had the spiritual answers, I just felt like I had opened a whole can of worms full of spiritual PROBLEMS!

So I went on a research quest to understand what was going on. I trained, studied and researched all manner of spiritual and metaphysical philosophies and discovered something extraordinary.

I discovered the very best spiritual techniques, which, when learned, and applied correctly do actually work.


Over the past 3,000 years we have evolved as a species. This is what the 2012 shift is all about. Modern humans are almost unrecognisable from their ancient cousins.

Sadly too many spiritual practices continue to only look BACK in time and to reject all that modern science has given us.

What I discovered was that the ancient mysteries can be brought right up to date. Just as we have evolved as a species our spiritual philosophies need to evolve too.

And this is what I did. I distilled the essential and effective processes and translated them so they work for the modern western mind.

It was like cracking the code that unlocked spiritual power.

You see I knew the ancients were on to something. Thousands of years had shown they had stood the test of time right! But I hadn’t realised that the techniques needed bringing up to date.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done. Through painstaking research I now know how anyone can completely tap into their OWN spiritual power.

Over the past 20 years I have studied, experimented, tested and practised the best of the best energy methods and spiritual mastery. I’ve travelled the globe to receive initiations, and learn from the seat of the masters, investing hundreds of thousands of pounds in my training.


And now I’d like to share with you how I did it
so you can do the same...

The good news is this –
ALL your life’s challenges can be solved with the right system.

It’s not your fault that you haven’t accessed your spiritual power yet. But once you learn this system you can. And the results will be extraordinary (even if it doesn’t seem easy to believe right now.)

You will be amazed by how much power you get when scientific principles are used to uncover the most powerful methods to connect you to your spiritual energy. Let me show you the exact, step-by-step system to harness that energy in ways that will seem incredible for those who do not understand.

Here’s what this spiritual development system can do for you:


Connects you to your spirit guides so you can communicate with them at any time as easily as you’re reading the words on this page.
Predicts, or even better CREATES the future. If you’ve been fearful about the future, want to change your present or ever wondered what will happen then this is the key.
Repairs your psychic circuitry so that you can once again experience wholeness and a full spiritual connection, and all the spiritual powers you desire.
Opens your 3rd eye so that you can become clairvoyant. Imagine seeing auras and energy fields, and what’s more, being able to pinpoint disturbances and imbalances. This is essential if you want to become a great healer.
Creates an undeniable, on-going spiritual connection that you can tap into ANY time you like. Imagine feeling fully hooked up to your divine inspiration at any time.
Banishes negative entities so that you are always spiritually safe from any unwanted influence.
Accesses spiritual powers like telepathy, thought forms, alters reality, bends time and shape shifts. All at your command and will.
Reveals your karmic and life purpose. No more standing at the crossroads of life wondering what to do.
SHOWS you the EXACT SOURCE of both physical and emotional problems...
AVOIDS the big mistake that many psychics made (including me) that shuts you down instantly. I’ll share exactly what this is and how you can recover from it and avoid it.
Frees you completely from the pain of the past. ALL sadness, hurt, guilt and fear, GONE for good.
Reveals the SOURCE of a PROGRAMMED SWITCH inside of you and how you can flip the switch in your favour...

If you’re a spiritual person hungry for that spiritual awakening that will take your divine connection to the next level, and are tired of “life” getting in the way then this is a very special invitation for YOU to join some of the most highly evolved spiritual practitioners on the planet for...

Where you’ll discover how to harness your spiritual power
so that you can lead a happier, richer, more successful life.

During these three power packed days we will heal your psychic circuitry so that you can effortlessly experience a spiritual connection in exactly the way YOU want it.

The focus of this Workshop is what WORKS. I'll be walking you step by step through each part of my system so that you can apply what you are learning and start to see real changes and positive results in your life right away.

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live

Discover why 87% of spiritual development techniques don’t work for most people, and what DOES work, so that you can have a greater spiritual connection and use it to lead a happier, richer and more successful life.

My intent is to give you the exact steps that allow you to access your spiritual power, so that you are no longer a alone, scared, a victim to karma, or stranded in the desert of the physical reality. Amen.

You'll have some amazing live experiences plus lots of materials to take away and use whenever you want.

Here are just some of the things we’ll be doing during these three days of incredible spiritual transformation...

A guided tour of your own brain. Learn the exact mechanism that your brain uses to connect to your higher self. This is an amazing life changer!
Discover the startling ancient beliefs about the third eye that go back thousands of years. And the surprising method used by the father of psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud - to access his patient’s third eye.
The mysterious Pineal Gland and its stunning connection to your higher self. Revealed – the proven scientific findings that demonstrate the existence of the higher self and what this means for YOU and your Spiritual Ascension.
Understanding how everyday motivation determines our level of consciousness, and what you can do to instantly expand your awareness.
The 3 spiritual practices you need to UNLEARN. This is why you’re struggling to stay connected. I’ll show you exactly what to replace them with.
How to receive direct messages from your personal spirit guides.
What kind of psychic are you: Empath, Medium, one of the 'Clairs' (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, Direct channel, High Level Psychic etc…)
Experience a Third Eye Opening: learn and experiment with detailed methods and 7 proven techniques for rapid third eye activation.

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live


How to use the Tarot to solve life's problems. Discover why you're broke, sick, struggling with your partner and your kids, why you don't get promoted or get the jobs you want.
Avoid the blind alleys and hidden traps laid down by the ancients to protect the secrets of the tarot. Learn the original and true intention for its use. (Almost all Tarot readers have fallen into these traps, after this you’ll be able to spot them straight away).
Discover the secret history of the Tarot and its full power and potential. You won’t believe this one!
Just imagine what it would be like to apply practical techniques for applying the wisdom of the tarot for solving everyday life problems.
What if you knew exactly how to use the tarot for divination. You’re friends, clients and family will be astonished by its accuracy. And the best part is - there’s no need to memorise any card meanings! Yes really.
Is it really possible to become a Tarot reader in a weekend? Yes and there’s no memorising needed, just a powerful proven technique that works EVERY time. Hint – it’s tapping into SOURCE that’s the key.

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live


How to find your Soul Mate or create a Soul Mate relationship with your current partner.
What (or who) is your “twin flame”.
Why some people have the same bad relationship with different people, and how to make everything in your relationship “good”. Even disagreements.
How the balance of masculine and feminine energy effects your relationship, for the good and not so good.
How to identify if you have imbalance in your male/female energy.
The ONE cause of all relationship failures.
The THREE things you need to do to keep your love alive.
Understand the true meaning of love so that you can recognise unhealthy attractions and relationships and create healthier ones.
How to create more love in your life.
What are the identifiers of TRUE love, and those of unhealthy attachments.
Why love hurts and how to love without pain.

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live


Discover the number one biggest mistake that spiritual people make when it comes to mastering their wealth and how to avoid this.
Understand the importance of experiencing true financial abundance whilst staying true to your spiritual beliefs.
The lie that spiritual people have been told about money and how this has been used to keep you broke and powerless. Break through this and you can step into spiritual and financial empowerment for yourself and others.
Why NOW is the time for spiritual people to step into their power, and why if you keep yourself poor you are doing a disservice to your tribe.
Uncover the surprising hidden link between money and spiritual power.
The truth about why other spiritual people actually want you to stay poor, and how to rise above that in a way that empowers those people and yourself.
Master the art of the seven steps to achieving any outcome you desire. Most people miss at least 3 or 4 of these steps which is why they never achieve their goals.

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live


I will invoke my spirit guides “No-One-Guide” so that you can get the answer to your personal questions.

Imagine getting the answers to the biggest, deepest, most important questions you have, so you know the exact changes you need to make in your life and business to be more successful.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually have a direct conversation with the UNIVERSE! Well in this session you can, when you witness and experience the invocation and channelling of a very high level guide known as "No-One-Guide".
You will be able to ask your questions and get them answered immediately. And because it’s live you’ll be able to ask for further clarification of anything you don’t fully understand.
Have the answers to your questions beamed straight into your consciousness. A unique experience most live participants describe is the answer to any question or the solution to any problem is received right into their awareness even BEFORE they speak. This has to be experienced to be understood.
  • "My Spirit was on fire for the whole No-One-Guide call - what a powerful charged day of great learning." Christine Lennard
  • "The call was completely amazing... I asked about my purpose and got the EXACT same answer I had realised this weekend for myself - along the lines that fixating on purpose can (and for me has) become a block that stops me from just simply doing what I LOVE to do." Julia Chapman
  • "There was so much energy flowing you could power a city for a week!" Louise Walters
  • "For me as well this call brought me a much better understanding about what my purpose is and isn't. So Thank You to No One Guides as well!" Johan Delva
  • "I learnt a lot from every question and every answer. I would write a book on every sentence of the recording and my thoughts and feelings about it. So much going on now. The changes in Lisa's voice were fantastic! Like music!" Krzysztof Kwiecien
  • "It was amazing to listen to - your voice was changing when you were introducing the call as the guides were so excited wanting to come through you and when they did it was so powerful and yet so easy." Jean Cape

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live


In this session you'll be guided through a secret initiation that will bring source energy INTO your body.
Be initiated to your personal holy guardian angel.
Imagine the experience of your higher self entering your body so that you see through the eyes of your very own guardian angel.
Following this initiation you will be more connected to source energy, more attractive to clients, and more able to create massive transformation for your clients.
Many initiates experience their business doubling almost overnight (thought we can't guarantee this!)

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live

Bonus # 1: "Integrity of Energy" DVD
Stop negative emotions lowering your spiritual vibration

Integrity of Energy DVDIt's no secret that negative emotions  lower your spiritual vibration. And if you’ve tried “staying positive” when painful experiences from the past still haunt you, you’ll know it just doesn’t work.

Well at last here’s the solution. A proven and highly effective system that guarantees to release all your painful emotions from the past AND self limiting beliefs too.

The "Integrity of Energy" DVD contains a full FOUR HOURS of material, including my Proven STEP-BY-STEP formula for releasing emotional trauma, energy blocks and limitations FOR GOOD.

Using this DVD you will be guided through the Psycademy Emotional Release Technique (Higher Self Therapy)

  • The most powerful emotional release technique on the planet. Removes inner pain, for good. You won’t just 'feel a bit better' or 'work through them' or 'understand them'... your negative emotions, pain and trauma will be gone, gone, GONE!
  • Understand exactly why numbing-out was necessary and how you can safely increase awareness of your inner pain. You will go at your pace, and only to the level you feel comfortable.
  • Learn how your mind creates your reality and how to generate an invincible inner mindset.
  • Identify and remove negative programming and limiting beliefs like "I’m not good enough" or "I’m not worthy" or "I can’t…"
  • Restores you to wholeness again. Integrate all the fragmented bits of yourself.
  • Raises your spiritual vibration and allows you to achieve spiritual mastery.
VALUE: £300

Bonus # 2: Psychic Diet, Intuitive Eating
80 minute audio with workbook and transcript

Integrity of Energy DVDThis 80 minute audio, complete with workbook and transcript covers all this...

  • The spiritual reason you’re fat, underweight, have no energy or poor health.
  • How to shed that unsightly, excess weight that is also dragging your spiritual vibration DOWN!
  • Learn the secrets of conscious eating to effortlessly achieve your ideal weight for energy, vitality, health AND high spiritual vibration (without feeling deprived).
  • A simple and easy technique that will allow you to achieve your ideal weight without pain or struggle.
  • The unknown link between food and consciousness.
  • How cellular memory of meat is transferred, and how you can harness this for your spiritual growth, and prevent it from disrupting your energy field.
  • How to transmute food into spiritual energy. Eat whatever you like and still feel healthy, vibrant and spiritually awake.
VALUE: £47

Bonus # 3: "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets" online course

Yes as well as the amazing experiences you’re going to have at the live event, you also get unlimited access to this powerful digital programme.

  • Class #1: The Psychic Mind - The Secret To A High Psy-Q & Vibration
  • Class #2: Intuitive Applications - How To Solve Problems, Your Own, And Your Clients'
  • Class #3: The Perfect Intuitive Coaching Session - Creating Spiritual  Transformation
  • Class #4: Professional Spiritual Practitioner - The Business!
  • Class #5: Your Questions Answered

Audio AND transcript downloads are available for all five classes for you to add to your personal success library and refer back to whenever you want.

Value: £497

Our next 3 day LIVE event takes place

Friday 4 - Sunday 6 March 2016

Location: in Windsor within easy reach of London and Heathrow airport

My goodness we are going to have some fun together!

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live

Let me be clear... this is not one of those "think happy thoughts,
rub a purple stone and hope a miracle will happen one day” events

Don't get me wrong, I’m all for using the power of your mind! But my research has shown time and time again, that you need MORE than positive thinking, to create miracles. You need a proven SYSTEM. And that’s exactly what you’ll get during this weekend.

It's about deleting the thought viruses that clog up your spiritual vibration and drag you back into old self-defeating behaviours.  This is why, no matter how hard you’ve worked at your affirmations and positive thinking, it just hasn’t worked. I’ll show you what does.

It's about tapping into your own spiritual power so that you can become a thought leader, spiritual leader and powerful influencer – you want to change the world, right?! Here’s how you can heal the planet and achieve ascension.

It's about feeling confident, capable and powerful, finally getting the job (or business), relationship, health and body you’ve dreamed of.

It's about fully participating life in not about avoiding or escaping it.  Isn’t it better to create heaven right here on earth through having the life you dream of, which is something I believe every person deserves.

And the best part is you’ll be spending 3 days with some of the most spiritually evolved people on the planet. People travel from all over the globe to work with me so you’ll finally be amongst people who are as committed to spiritual growth as you are.

Spiritual power for all of life
... including the problems you have right now!

I know what you might be thinking. “Sound’s great Lisa but..”

StuckAnd the “but” could be – I don’t have the time, I can’t get away, I’m still broke from Christmas.

Believe me I understand. I’ve been there. I’ve had events I wanted to go to that I couldn’t get to because of “Life” getting in the way.

I know that when you’re right in the middle of life’s challenges it’s easy to think "I’ll wait till I get over this THEN I’ll focus on my spiritual life". It’s not the right time, feel you’re not ready & that you need time to process before you can show up to others.

It’s very common & it doesn’t even have to be a major trauma to let your excuses get in your way. So let me ask you a question…

How often have you said: “I’ll wait until…”

  • The kids are a bit older …
  • Finances have improved…
  • Things are a bit more stable …

And all the while your spiritual yearning is burning away inside of you.

Life gets in the way – but the craving doesn’t stop does it?”

The ‘Gurus’ will have you believe there is always a ‘Before & After’, a rags to riches, mess to success story, which often leaves you thinking that you need to be done, be the finished article before you can step into your spiritual power.

They would have you believe that you need to get away from it, to meditate more so that you can escape to nirvana.

But the truth is...

allows you to take control of your life

Anything you want to change in your life can be changed with spiritual powers. Including:

Kids too young – be the role model of the empowered parent who knows what they want and goes for it. Show them what it means to have access to power (let’s not raise a generation of victims)
Not enough money – raising your spiritual vibration has been shown to directly increase wealth.
Want your health to improve first – then it’s time to tap into the infinite source of spiritual healing.
Waiting for things to settle down? Use spiritual powers to stabilise yourself, and circumstances so that you’re back in control of your life.

Show up
                          as who you genuinely are

It’s more important than ever that you show up as who you genuinely are. The world wants - needs - Spiritual leaders who are authentic, transparent & most of all POWERFUL! So that they can be a walking, living demonstration of what it means to be in control of your life (not others, but your own life).

If you’re ready to inspire others, just by radiating joy and love to those around you, then this is the event for you.

YES Lisa I’m ready for 3 days of Incredible Spiritual Transformation

Where I’ll discover how to harness my spiritual power so that I can lead a happier, richer, more successful life.

Spiritual Practitioner Secrets LIVE

Friday 4 - Sunday 6 March 2016

Location: in Windsor within easy reach of London and Heathrow airport

I understand that I'll be getting:

My Event Pass for the 3 days of spiritual transformation. (Value £1,997)
NB Lunches, teas and coffees are included, but accommodation is not.
Instant access to the "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Online" program which will awaken my Psychic Mind, raise my Psy-Q and give me the tools to solve life’s problems for myself or my clients. (Value £497)
The amazing "Integrity of Energy" DVD which will release painful emotions from the past and raise my spiritual vibration. (Value £300)
The Psychic Diet, Intuitive Eating audio masterclass, complete with workbook and transcript. (Value £47)


All for only £497 £347 GBP (approx $548 US)

Or pay in 4 instalments of just £149 £99 GBP
(approx $156 US) per month



My 'Get Psychic’ Promise to You...

If, after 24 hours, you haven’t’ had an undeniable spiritual experience, just quietly return your materials to the back of the room and I’ll give you all your money back, less a modest £50 book keeping administrative fee.

I’m taking all the risk here, because I still have to pay for your seat at the venue even if you leave. But I know that this level of work just isn’t for everyone, so if it’s not for you then I’ll happily refund you.

Please note: if you choose to take a refund you will be required to return the 'Integrity of Energy' DVD. You will also be required to confirm that you have deleted all digital course materials before the refund can be issued.

As this page ends...

Imagine being so psychic and spiritually guided that all decisions will be easy, when you feel the raw power of spirit pulsing through you. Sign up now

I'm so looking forward to spending these 3 days with you.

I love you.


Dr. Lisa Turner

Master Spiritual Teacher and Founder of Psycademy.
Author of: "No One Guide book", "Spiritual Guide to Riches", "Secret Science of the Psychic" and
"The Lightworker’s Journey".

Here are some of the reactions from previous event attendees…

“Absolutely packed with brilliant content”

Michael Trigg“I've just spent 3 days with Lisa Turner on "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets" and I'm pushed to say which was the best part of the 3 days because it was absolutely packed with brilliant content. Practical, spiritual, esoteric, esoterically practical, spiritually practical! If you've never come across Lisa Turner before, you're in for a real treat. And if you do know Lisa Turner, you're still in for a treat, because she's warm, extremely well-read, highly researched and extremely wise. It's been a brilliant 3 days - I highly recommend it.”

Michael Trigg

“3 days of explosive information”

Camilla Munssadia"Wow! What can I say? Just mindblowing! 3 days of explosive information, well, transformation is more the word because that's what it's all about and this is just the beginning. I'm on that journey, so wo watch this space."

Camilla Munsadia

“Very empowering and enlightening”

Keith Corbett"I've just done "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets" and can honestly say it's a transformational weekend. Very empowering and enlightening. Lots of aha moments and some wonderful people. And I'm really looking forward to taking that forward and developing my own spiritual practice further as a result."

Keith Corbett

“It will just transform your life”

Nancy Haigh"I've just completed this wonderful course. It is for those who want to know about expanding in their life and this course will give you all that you need for that. It is truly mindblowing, exciting and really worth doing. It will just transform your life."

Nancy Haigh

“Pretty phenomenal!”

Claire Bagehot"I've just done the 3 day event, "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets" with Lisa Turner, and... pretty phenomenal! It's the first 3 day event that I've been to where I've never felt drained or down afterwards. Very energising, very powerful. So many shifts and changes."

Claire Bagehot

“Blown away by the experience”

Kirstie Dickinson"I've just attended the "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets" course and I'm feeling absolutely overwhelmed and blown away by the experience. It's been absolutely incredible and I've worked through so much stuff in such a short amount of time. I'd recommend it to anyone and would just like to say thankyou Lisa."

Kirstie Dickinson

“I've gained HUGE amounts”

Camilla Clayton"I've just finished the "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live" course. I had no idea what to expect, no preconceptions of what I was going to gain from it, and I'm leaving not knowing exactly what I have gained, but knowing I've gained HUGE amounts. So much self learning and so many ideas about the future and where I want to go. I'm on a journey to learn more and I want to thank you all very very much."

Camilla Clayton

“A lot of answers to questions I'd had for many years”

Sarah Waters"I came to Lisa's workshop and I was very uncertain. So I questioned and registered a couple of days before the event. Everything began to fall into place. So I turned up unsure and unprepared for the event. And I have found that these last 3 days have really changed my life. And I'm leaving here with a lot of answers to questions I'd had for many years. I'm still on the path, I've still got some questions about how's this going to work, but I've met some wonderful people who are like-minded. If you've got any queries about this, and you want to transform your life, find the opportunity to BE here. And I really stress that. Find the opportunity to be here, organise things, because this I recommend as a wonderful opportunity to transform you."

Sarah Waters

"Clarity about the way forward"

Sue Maggott"I've found it a really enjoyable event. Really powerful as well. It's really helped me to work through quite a lot of issues, clear a lot of the blockages, and it's given me a lot more clarity about the way forward in the future. So I really recommend it to you if you're thinking of attending."

Sue Maggott

“A wonderful community of like-minded people”

Michelle McLaughlin"I've just completed the 3 days of Lisa Turner's "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets" which I have to say was fantastic. An amazing, intense, packed full of information event. A wonderful community of like-minded people. We all gained things we didn't know we needed or wanted, and new insights, the aha, the lightbulb moments that we all wanted to find. Lots of homework and lots of work to do, but at least we now have steps and actions to put in place. A big thank you to Lisa and everybody and I cannot wait until we all reconnect again."

Michelle McLaughlin

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P.P.S. While you’re eating breakfast you’ll picture just how much better your life could be when you have decided to tap into your spiritual power and harness it to lead a happier, richer and more successful life.

P.P.PS. This event isn’t right for everyone. Only those who are ready will be called to it. If you’re called, then you must be ready, and who are you to not to answer the calling from your divine self. Sign up now

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